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Agent Side Grinder


Hardware Comes Alive!
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Agent Side Grinder – Hardware Comes Alive!


It is with honor and privilege that I present to you the new live-album from Agent Side Grinder – Hardware Comes Alive! After releasing their latest album "Hardware" in early 2012, Agent Side Grinder headed out on tour throughout western Europe. One of the dates were at Péniche le Sonic, a converted barge moored along a quay in Lyon, France, where this live recording was made on 17 May. ASG has built up a dedicated following through radio play in France and the gig was hotly anticipated. Agent Side Grinder prefer using analogue equipment and eschew the use of backing tapes when playing live. Consequently this live album was recorded on a 1978-vintage cassette recorder, using no post processing except for some very basic mastering. This disc catches ASG at their raw hypnotic best, right at the crossroads between post-punk, bleak industrial electronics and psychedelia. Even without the visuals, it goes a long way towards explaining why they are such a brilliant live act.


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